StoredProcedureItemReader example

The Spring Batch StoredProcedureItemReader is similar to JdbcCursorItemReader where for common cases we replace the SQL property with procedure name. The JdbcCursorItemReader runs a query to obtain a cursor whereas Spring Batch StoredProcedureReader runs a stored procedure to get a cursor.

The stored procedure can return the cursor in three different ways:

  • As a returned ResultSet  – This is used by SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, Derby, and MySQL.
  • As a ref-cursor returned as an out parameter – This is used by Oracle and Postgresql
  • As the return value of a stored function call.

Configuring spring batch StoredProcedureItemReader

Define RowMapper for StoredProcedureItemReader

public class StudentResultRowMapper implements RowMapper<Student> {
    public Student mapRow(ResultSet rs, int i) throws SQLException {
        Student student = new Student();
        return student;

Configure StoredProcedureItemReader

    public StoredProcedureItemReader reader() {
        StoredProcedureItemReader reader = new StoredProcedureItemReader();
        reader.setRowMapper(new StudentResultRowMapper());
        return reader;

The StoredProcedureItemReader class extends AbstractCursorItemReader class.

That’s all about the Spring batch StoredProcedureItemReader example.

See docs for more details.

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