Ramyam intelligence lab Interview Question

Ramyam intelligence lab Interview Question (Held on 13 Dec 2013 )

In ramyam intelligence lab there are following round if you are going for 2-4 years experience.
1.technical round(normally they ask core java , spring and hibernate).
2.Managerial round (They ask about project mainly).

Following question is asked in Ramyam intelligence lab. Although this totally depends on panel and your profile.(Date 13 Dec 2013)

1. Tell me about your self and your profile?
2.What work exactly you do?
3. What is oops concept?
4.What is abstraction?
5. What is polymorphism?
6. What is what is inheritance ?
7.What is difference between complie time polymorphism and runtime polymorphism?
8.What is dynamic dispatch?
9.What is difference between abstract class and interface ?
10. What is didifference between checked and uncheked exception?
11. What is thread?
12. How you will create a thread?
13. What happen if we will call run method directly?
14. What is difference between HashMap and Hashtable?
15.Does HashMap alloy duplicate key if allow then how u will get value for corresponding key?
16. What do you understand by mutable and immutable?
17. Give me example of immutable class?
18. What is difference between StringBuffer and stringBuilder?
19. What is bean in spring?
20. How you will write mapping file in hibernate?
21. What is the code for hibernate.cfg.xml and hibernate.hbm.xml?
22. What you have used in hibernate for mapping xml or annotation?
23. Write code for mapping ?
24. What is HQL?
25.Write a simple Query in Hql which retrieve all student name from student table?
26. What is servlet?
28. what is native Query?
29. What is named Query?
30.What is Seesion?
31. What is SessionFactory?
32.What is state of object in hibernate .tell me about them?
33. what is hibernate?
34.What is ORM?
35. What is difference between servlet and jsp?
36.What is life cycle methods of servlet?
37.What is DAO design Pattern?
38. What is singleton in spring?