Netcracker interview questions in java

This interview happened on 4th Jan 2019 for 7 years of experience.

All questions based on memory.

First round-

  • Give real time scenario of encapsulation and polymorphism.
  • What is runtime and compile time polymorphism?
  • Write a program for doubly linked list.
  • Add the elements to last position.
  • Add the elements to any position.
  • Write a program for Fibonacci series.
  • After writing Fibonacci series in normal way, it has been asked to implement using recursively.
  • Some more logical questions.


Second round-

  • What is thread.
  • What is magic number.
  • What is sql injection.
  • Do you know procedures.
  • What is post and get.
  • Tree in data structure. As it was mentioned data structures in resume.
  • Some more questions it has been asked.