L&T infotech interview questions

L&T Infotech Interview Question (Held on 02 Jun 2018 ).

In L & T infotech there were two round.
1.technical round(normally they ask core java).
2.Managerial round (They ask about project mainly).

Following question is asked in L & T Infotech – 

1. Tell me about your self?
1. what is different between concrete collection and collection?
2. how does put() method of map work in java?
3. what is race condition?
4. what is concurrentmodificationexception? what will happen if we use remove?
5. What is thread?
6. How you will create a thread?
7. What happen if we will call run method directly?
8. Does HashMap alloy duplicate key if allow then how u will get value for corresponding key?