Evolvus Solutions Interview Questions

Evolvus Solutions Interview Questions  (Held on 09 Nov 2013 ).

In evolvus there are following round if you are going for 2-4 years experience.
1. written. In written they ask objective question.Thre was total 40 objective questions. 10 question will be related to struts.15 core java questions. 15 aptitude questions.
2.technical round.( face to face question is mentioned below)
2.Managerial round
3.Hr round

Following questions is asked in evolvus. Although this totally depends on panel and your profile.(Date 09 Nov 2013)

1.What is differrence between == and equals() method?
2. What will be the effect of String str=”ram”; and String str new String(“ram);
String s1=”ram”;
String s2=”ram”;
String s3=new String(“ram”);
What is the output of s.o.p(s1==s2)
What is the output of s.o.p(s1.equals(s2));
What is the output of s.o.p(s1==s3)
What is the output of s.o.p(s1.equals(s3))
3.What is exception?
4. What is cheked and unchekedexception?
5.What is static loading?
6. What is difference between exception and error?
7. How you will handle null pointer exception?
8.How you will handle ArrayIndexOutOfBoundexception?
9. What is serialization? what is stream?
10.What is difference between Abstract class and interface ?
11. Why you have used interface in your project why not abstract class?
12. What is diference between abstraction and encapsulation?
13.Can we declare abstract class without abstract method?
14. What is main benefit of encapsulation?
15. How you will change port number of apache Tomcat?
16.What is difference between web server and application server?
17.What is Collections class?
18. What are the Collection legacy classes?
19. What is synchronization?
20. What is deadlock?
21. Write a code for synchronization?
22. Tell me about your second project?
23. what is difference between notify() and notifyAll() method?
24.What is diffference between notify(),notifyAll() and wait() method?
25. What is difference wait() and sleep().
26. How you will define action-mapping tag
27. what are the methods of Object class?
28.What exactly toString() method does?
29.Have there website of your project?
30. What is the use of load-on-startup tag.
31. Where we will define load-on-startup tag.