Edkal Business Solutions Interview Question

Edkal Business Solutions Interview Questions (Held on 14 Sept 2013).

In Edkal there are following round if you are going for 2-4 years experience.
1.technical round.(face to face round)
2.Managerial round
3.Hr round

Following question is asked in Edkal. Although this totally depends on panel and your profile.(Date 14 Sept 2013)

1.Tell me about your self.
2.What you have done last 2-3 months.
3. Which version of JBOSS you have used?
4.Suppose you have defined some variables defined in action classes then how you will display their vlues in jsp page?
5.Suppose user enter username & password in jsp page and hit submitt button then what task will perform
and where control will go i.e which page will be call.
6.Tell me directory structure of tomcat.
7.How you will deploy project in tomcat as product level.