Runnable interface in java

In this post, we will see about Runnable interface. Let’s see some basics and then we will see how to create a thread using the Runnable interface.

  • The Runnable interface is available in the lang package which has two subinterfaces RunnableFuture and RunnableScheduledFuture(i.e  RunnableFuture and RunnableScheduledFuture interface extends Runnable interface).
  • The Runnable interface contains run() method, so any class which is going to implements Runnable interface must override run() method.
  •  The Runnable interface has been marked as a functional interface.
public interface Runnable {

    public abstract void run();
  • Below are the known classes AsyncBoxView.ChildState, ForkJoinWorkerThread, FutureTask, RenderableImageProducer, SwingWorker, Thread, TimerTask which implements Runnable interface.


Creating a thread using Runnable interface –

package runnableexample;

public class Example1 implements Runnable{
	public void run() {
		System.out.println("Thread created using runnable interface");
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		Example1 threadExample = new Example1();
		Thread thread = new Thread(threadExample);

The output is –