Wipro digital java interview questions

  • Wipro digital interview held on 15 Dec 2018 for 5 years experience in e city bangalore location.

Following round happened.

  • In first round they asked written test. They provided a link, written test can be give from home.
  • After clearing written test they will call for face to face. There was two technical and one managerial and hr round will be there.


Face to face first round – they gave a laptop where interviewer can see the condidate but condidate can’t see the interviewer.

  • Can we use custom object as a key in HashMap?
  • What is transaction in spring?
  • Propagation types.
  • Requires and Required_New.
  • How ArrayList works internally.
  • How HashMap works internally.
  • Some more questions it has been asked.

Face to face second round-

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • About project in detail.
  • Write a program to print sum of number from string.

For example – String s = “ram123kumar”

         Output should be – 6

  • Write a program which print duplicate character in string.
  • Tell stereotypes annotations which you have used in Spring.
  • Difference between @Component and @Service?
  • What @Autowire does?
  • Thread life cycle.
  • get() and load().
  • Spring MVC flow.

Both round got cleared.

Mangarial round happened for 10 mint. He asked microservices and some other questions.

Condidate got rejected in managerial round.