Multithreading in Java with example

Multithreading in java is a process of execution of multiple threads at the same time.

We will see here –

How to create a thread in java.
Thread life cycle in java.
Thread class constructors and methods in java.
How run() method get called using start() method.
The Runnable interface in java.
Thread Priority in Java with example.
Daemon thread in java with example.
Thread yield() method in java.
Thread sleep() method in java.
Thread join() method in java.
wait(),notify() and notifyAll() in java.
Difference between sleep() and wait() method in java.
Synchronization in java with example.
Interthread communication example in java.
Deadlock program in java.
Producer and consumer program in java.
Difference between deadlock and starvation.
Green thread and native thread in Java.
ReentrantLock in Java.
Future class in java.
Thread Group in java.
How to create a Thread pool in java.
Difference between Runnable and Callable.
Why wait(), notify() And notifyAll() Methods Are in Object Class And Not in Thread Class.